What is AnRep3D?

Reading a single annual report, it is easy to understand a couple of relevant values from the balance-sheet (like assets, liabilities and equity) or revenues, profit and gross margin from the profit & loss report. Comparing two years is still possible, but looking at a couple of different companies over a range of years is complex. That's where 3D visualisation comes in and helps to analyse complex patterns in a visual way. The human eye and its related parts of the brain are a very powerful analytical instrument! As a matter of fact AnRep3D offers what is called "visual mining".

AnRep3D is the abbreviation of "Annual Reports presented in  a 3D graph". Basically we offer a generator able to convert a series of financial numbers (available in Annual Reports) into a special kind of spatial graph. This graph is truly spatial, so completely different from the ordinary bar-graph with some depth added offered by spreadsheets. The graph itself is just an html-webpage to be viewed in a web-browser.

Real 3D graph

Click here to view the real 3D-graph (to manipulate real 3D graph: zoom = click right button and move mouse, rotate click left, hold button and move mouse, translate = double-click in graph)