What is AnRep3D?

Reading a single annual report, it is easy to understand a couple of relevant values from the balance-sheet (like assets, liabilities and equity) or revenues, profit and gross margin from the profit & loss report. Comparing two years is still possible, but looking at a couple of different companies over a range of years is complex. That's where 3D visualisation comes in and helps to analyse complex patterns in a visual way. The human eye and its related parts of the brain are a very powerful analytical instrument! As a matter of fact AnRep3D offers what is called "visual mining".

AnRep3D is the abbreviation of "Annual Reports presented in  a 3D graph". Basically we offer a generator able to convert a series of financial numbers (available in Annual Reports) into a special kind of spatial graph. This graph is truly spatial, so completely different from the ordinary bar-graph with some depth added offered by spreadsheets. The graph itself is just an html-webpage to be viewed in a web-browser.

Real 3D graph

Click here to view the real 3D-graph (to manipulate real 3D graph: zoom = click right button and move mouse, rotate click left, hold button and move mouse, translate = double-click in graph)

Your own generator - or free trial first?

Would like to experience the power of the full AnRep3D-generator yourself? Contact us at info@anrep3d.com to purchase a licence.

For now we decided to limit the price at : EUR 450,- (ex. VAT) per licence valid for "five concurrent users within a single legal entity" (not valid for its subsidiaries). This is a one-off payment, so no additional fees apply. For new versions this might change, but your version will neither expire nor face new charges.

If you are a professor at a university (vocational, applied sciences or academy included) we can offer you a free licence for the fully funcional generator, if you are willing to let students work with it and share the outcomes. Please contact us about this special offer!

If you want to try and discover whether AnRep3D works for you, then download the free demo-package (select FREE DEMO in the menu). The demo is a fully functional extract of the AnRep3D-generator, but it is limited to one line of data, showing only one "building" as a result. No registration of name, address, phone number or email is needed (yet) to obtain the demo-package!