About our company

At the beginning of the nineties of the last century, Scientassistwas founded by K. Gustav L. Löhlefink. Over the next decades, the company brought a series of innovative products, like a computer-editor for DNA, Geographic visualisation, MS-DOS calculator functions. Then we moved to 3D and during several years we worked on generators. Originally the predecessor of AnRep3D, but in between one translating numbers into spatial (3D) scatterplots: the well-known X-Y diagrams with a third dimension (Z) added. A long time ago that product went to the market as VRBI - Virtual Reality Business Intelligence. In 2015, both the company (Scientassist) and its product (VRBI) were handed over to one of the founder's sons, Ruben. If you want to visit Scientassist with VRBI, please use this link.

In 2017, Gustav went back to his original plan, creating a generator able to visualise financial (and other!) figures in a 3D graph and founded AnRep3D. This company is working from Almere (Netherlands, greater Amsterdam) with a world-wide presence as usual nowadays. Currently the new company and its product have the same name: AnRep3D. Despite the name, the product is not limited to Finance. In our blog we have also shown examples for AnRep3D being applied to Energy and several other areas.