Purchase an AnRep3D licence!

If you are convinced of the power of AnRep3D, contact us to purchase a licence for the full version. To be able to introduce the product at the market, we decided to limit the price for now: EUR 450,- (ex. VAT) for a licence valid for "five concurrent users within a single legal entity" (not valid for its subsidiaries). No additional fees apply!

We know the price should be higher and an annual maintence fee of about 10% should apply as well. However, we want to promote our generator first, create a community and get as much feedback as we can. That's why we set a low threshold to start with. By the way - this won't change for the current version - your licence will remain valid forever. Most likely the next versions will come with another business model, but then it's not for early adopters anymore.

For professors at universities (also vocational, applied science or academy) we provide a generator without charge, if they are willing to let their students work with it and share the outcomes. Please contact us for this special offer!

How to contact us?

- find us on Twitter: @AnRep3D or

- LinkedIn  or

- contact us by email: info@anrep3d.com