Get a free demo-package!

The free demo (a fully functional but generator with a complete manual and examples of input- and output-files - only limited to one "building") is available as a zip-file to be downloaded. As per 1st of July 2018 a new demo-package is offered. It is based on the full generator version 4.1 which includes a 3D legend. Be sure to read the new manual!

No registration needed yet, but by downloading you will accept the terms and conditions (nothing special - it's about copyright, no reversed engineering, limited responsibility and European law). The demo-generator reads data for one single company in one single year only, regardless the number of companies and years in the input-file. Nevertheless it gives a very good impression of the power of the full version of the generator. The manual in the demo-package is the original one, describing the real generator (with some warnings about using a demo-version only).

Download your free demo-package here (to work with the generator Java has to be installed. To view the graphs - files in html5 format, that is - and JavaScript and WebGL have to be enabled in the browser and an online connection as well as AnRep3D is based on the X3DOM cloud-service. However, once a graph is shown, it can be downloaded locally and be viewed without an internet- connection. For local graphs, scrolling down the blue graph page is needed).