Free demo-package?

Do you want to try and discover whether AnRep3D works for you? Request a free demo-package. The demo is a fully functional extract of the AnRep3D-generator, but it reads only one line of data from the input-file, showing only one "building" as a result. Nevertheless it gives a very good impression of the power of the full version of the generator. The manual in the demo-package is the original one, describing the real generator (with some warnings about using a demo-version only). The demo-generator is based on the full generator version 4.1 which includes a 3D legend.

No registration needed yet, but by downloading you will accept the terms and conditions (about copyright, no reversed engineering, limited responsibility and European law).

Download your free demo-package here

To be able to work with the 3D-graph generator, Java has to be installed. To view the graphs - files in html5 format, that is - JavaScript and WebGL have to be enabled in the browser and an online connection as well as AnRep3D uses the X3DOM cloud-service. However, once a graph is shown, it can be saved locally and be viewed without an internet- connection. For these local graphs, scrolling down the blue graph page is needed.

For more details download our white-paper and the related set of 3D-graphs (normal .htm files, to be viewed in a webbrowser).