Download your free 3D-graph generator-package here!

We want as many people as possible to work with our generator and the 3D-graphs it can create. Why? Because we believe that adding a third dimension to data-visualisation is the future!

Click this link to download your free AnRep3D-generator package.

The package is a zip-file. Save it in any convenient folder, unpack it and start the generator by double-clicking the java .jar-file. Input-files (.txt, . csv or any other plain ascii-format) can be anywhere, but it's easy to store them close to the generator (more copies can be placed in different folders as it is not very large. The same goes for the output-files ( .htm-format; html-5). Examples for input-files and related output-files (3D-graphs, to be viewed in a browser) are enclosed in the package. No setup needed, no parameters - just unzip the archive!

If you need mor  e information, our white-paper and the related zip-package of 3D-graphs (again: just .htm-files, to be viewed in a web-browser) will provide you with more details. Or have a look at either our blog-site, the videos on Youtube - or both of course.