Download your free 3D-graph generator-package here!

Let's face it: although every business is always a great success, the contest didn't work out as expected. It seems like the threshold for individuals was too high to send in a demo-graph in order obtain a free licence. For the company-version it's a little bit different. This would have been the time to publish a new AnRep3D-version, with additional features and a new interface. However, we decided to leave the 3D-graph generator like it is now and just offer it for free. Why? That's simple: we still think the 3D-graphs will add value and by offering the generator as freeware the usage will go up. For us broad usage is more important than the income from licences. As explained in our blog, AnRep3D is not out primary source of income.

Click this link to download your free AnRep3D-generator package.

The package is a zip-file. Save it in any convenient folder and start the generator by double-clicking the java .jar-file. Input-files (.txt, . csv or any other plain ascii-format) can be anywhere, but it's easy to store them close to the generator. The same goes for the output-files ( .htm-format; html-5). Examples for both are enclosed in the package. The regular terms and conditions are available as a .pdf. No setup needed, no parameters - just unzip the archive!

If you need more information, our white-paper and the related zip-package of 3D-graphs (.htm-files, to be viewed in a web-browser) will provide you with more details. Or have a look at our blog-site and videos (see menu).